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PVC guttering for shed roof

As low as £  42.71
Guttering for one roof edge only for e.g. your shed/ summerhouse, porch or overhang.

Guttering for one roof edge only for e.g. your shed, porch or overhang.

Your shed/ summer house, porch, overhang or other small building with a sloping shed roof only requires guttering on the lowest roof edge. Now you can collect the rainwater (e.g. In a water butt) or drain it to the garden. This all-in-one gutter kit includes all the necessary parts for this kind of installation:

  • Guttering
  • Union bracket
  • Fascia brackets
  • Angled fascia bracket adaptors
    Angled fascia bracket adaptors 10° - 35°
    Attach the angled fascia bracket adaptors below the fascia brackets to adjust the slope of a slanted fascia board, and thus prevent your gutter from slanting!
  • Stopend left and right
  • Running outlet
  • Round downpipe
  • Offset bends, pipe clips and pipe socket
  • Dripping strips
    PVC dripping strips
    The PVC dripping strips prevent rainwater from flowing in between the roof and guttering. Easy to install, to fit below the roof covering.
  • Screws and PVC glue
  • English installation instructions

Check the detailed overview here to find out the specific contents of each set. Our guttering is easy-to-install!

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Our guttering kits:

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  • 10-year guarantee
  • All-in-one box
  • Easy self-installation
  • Many payment methods possible

PVC guttering for shed roof

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