Rainwater diverters

With a rain diverter your water butt fills rapidly with free rainwater, but never overflows. Our models fit a range of drain diameters.

  • Free shipment from £ 26,99
  • Free returns
  • Less work for your sewage system
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Free rainwater for your plants
  1. Connected rainwater diverter to a water butt
    Rainwater diverter Eslon
    As low as £ 15.37
  2. Rainwater diverter Garantia grey includes water butt connector and hose.
    Rainwater diverter Garantia
    As low as £ 17.08
  3. Rainwater diverter Rapido includes water butt connection and hose.
    Rainwater diverter Rapido
    £ 52.10
  4. Rainwater diverter Speedy includes water butt connection, filter and hose.
    Rainwater diverter Speedy
    £ 58.94
  5. Water butt/ downpipe valves
    Zinc water butt/ downpipe valve Ø 87 mm
    As low as £ 32.45