White guttering

A white gutter offers perfect protection against water damage for outbuildings such as your shed or log cabin. In addition to this, white guttering is also suitable for collecting rainwater. Rainwater can be used for watering the lawn and plants. So not only do you protect your shed, you are environmentally friendly, too.

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  1. PVC guttering for shed roof
    PVC guttering for shed roof
    As low as £  101.65
  2. PVC guttering for gable roof
    PVC guttering for gable roof
    As low as £  138.39
  3. PVC guttering for hipped roof
    PVC guttering for hipped roof
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  4. PVC guttering for pentagonal roof
  5. PVC guttering for hexagonal roof
  6. PVC guttering for octagonal roof

6 Items

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White gutters for your shed or summerhouse!

White gutters give sheds a clean, modern look! In recent years, more and more households have opted to place a shed or summerhouse in the backyard. Reasons include garden furniture or garden tools storage, a sheltered place to relax, or as additional space for guests.

When we construct our summerhouses, gazebos and workshops, we often forget to install white plastic guttering. The consequences are that dirt and water is splashed onto the side of the shed causing the wood to rot. By not installing guttering on outbuildings, puddles will form on the terrace, driveway or lawn. Later on, stagnant water can cause algae deposits. Puddles and algae buildup can become things of the past when you install a white gutter system onto your shed roof.

The right guttering kit for every roof!

White guttering kits are delivered complete in a single box and contain all the parts you need for easy gazebo, garage, log cabin, summer house and shed installations. With the supplied manual, you can install your white guttering in an instant. Anyone can install a PVC rain gutter! Even for a first-time DIY attempt, installing our plastic guttering is as easy as A B C. The GD16 and Extra100 gutter kits boast a jointed gutter system. This means that fittings such as the union bracket, the running outlet and any gutter angles don’t need to be glued. Making adjustments becomes a piece of cake either during or after installation. And, because we manufacture our plastic gutters, you always pay the right price for your stunning white guttering system. Want a different colour gutter? Our plastic gutters are also available in brown, grey, black and anthracite!

Everything is immediately available from our warehouse stock. We strive to deliver any complete white guttering kit to your home within just a few working days. You never run any risks with us. We offer a 10-year warranty, while shipping and returns costs are always free.

White guttering kit contents:

  • Guttering
  • White fascia brackets, white union brackets, and white running outlets
  • White stop ends or white gutter angles 90°, 120° or 135°
  • Round downpipes
  • White offset bends, white pipe clips, and white pipe sockets
  • Screws
  • PVC glue
  • Includes problem solvers such as
    angled fascia bracket adaptors
    Angled fascia bracket adaptors
    Attach the angled fascia bracket adaptors below the fascia brackets to adjust the slope of a slanted fascia board, and thus prevent your gutter from slanting!
    , leaf guard mesh and
    dripping strips
    PVC dripping strips
    The PVC dripping strips prevent rainwater from flowing in between the roof and guttering. Easy to install, to fit below the roof covering.

Combine your white guttering with accessories!

Why not combine a white gutter with a white rainwater diverter and a plastic water butt to collect rainwater? You will always have a full water butt in times of drought, ready to use on your thirsty plants and shrubs. Don’t like the look of a white round downpipe on your shed or greenhouse wall? Then buy a plastic white rain chain kit. The rain chain kit is a beautiful, stylish and durable alternative to the white round downpipe.

Buy your white guttering from us!

Don’t hesitate a minute longer! Order white guttering for your shed or gazebo today! With us, you are guaranteed a top quality product tailored to your specific needs at the best price, and with the best possible service.