Drainage channels

Drainage channels offers optimal drainage for your patio or driveway. We deliver these gutter systems as a complete kit, including stop ends, and side and bottom outlets. Available in drainage channel (with grates) and slot drain versions. Both guttering types are easy to install, even for the amateur, using our English language manual as a guide.

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  • 2-year guarantee
  • Easy self-installation
  • Complete with stop ends and outlets

Drainage channels

Drainage channels have a range of styles, each with its own name. They are often referred to as linear drainage channels, rain drains, patio drainage, draining channels, channel drain systems or domestic drainage systems. There are other variants of these which can be installed in various ways. Drainage channels are usually used to drain off water from the patio or driveway, but also work well along garden paths or in front of sliding doors. They make sure you actually use your outside space, whatever the weather! There are two main types – with a grate or with a narrow gap, or slot . We’ll give a short explanation of them both below.

Drainage channels

Drainage channel with grate. These drainage channels have a grate on top. The grate is often wider than 10 cm. Our grated drainage channels are available with galvanized or high-strength reinforced plastic grates in black or grey. Plastic grated drainage channels are categorised as class A15. This makes them suitable for heavy footfall. They are also suitable for use as overflow channels in (chlorinated) swimming pools. Galvanized grates are listed as class B125, and therefore suitable for cars. Ideal for your driveway or beside the garage door. Load class is calculated according to EN-1433. Galvanized grates are anti-slip and high-heel proof. A big advantage of drainage channels with a grate is that they are easy to sweep clean. The grate is also simple to pull off, allowing you to easily remove leave or debris. This prevents blockages. We advise you to always connect the drainage channel to a sewer trap or odour control trap. You can clean these from the top. They hold water and ensure that no unpleasant odours rise up out of your drainage channels with grates.

Slot drains

Invisible slot drains. These drains offer good but practically invisible drainage on outdoor surfaces, such as your patio. Only a narrow, 2 to 3 cm gap, or slot, is visible. Rainwater drains through this slot and is taken to a wider gutter, completely hidden under the paving. The slot drain is therefore nearly invisible. Because the slot is so narrow, leaves and other debris will find it hard to fall into the wider gutter below. The one disadvantage is that, if there is a blockage, this will be more difficult to remedy than a drainage channel with a grate. To get rid of a blockage, part of the paving will have to be removed so that you can access the section above the outlet. You should always remember where you placed the outlet during slot drain installation. Slot drains are available in two sizes. They both meet the conditions of load class B125 according to EN-1433, and are therefore both suitable for passenger cars.

All parts in one complete kit

A complete kit contains all the parts you need. Obviously, this includes the drainage channels or slot drains, but you will also receive the stop ends, a side outlet, bottom outlet and a clear instruction manual in English. All of our drainage channels offer a two year warranty. You can connect garden drains in one ‘infinite’ straight line, but also install them at right angles. Keep in mind you will need a sufficient number of outlets at strategic locations. This way, rainwater will quickly reach the outlets during heavy rain. You can add an extra drainage point by adding an infiltration pit or soakaway drain. These is easy to connect to the bottom outlet of a drainage channel, or in combination with a gully system.