Zinc guttering

Zinc gutters offer perfect protection against water damage on buildings such as sheds or summer houses. Zinc guttering also allows you to redirect rainwater and collect it in a water butt. Our range of zinc gutters are available in titanium zinc, galvanized zinc or coated anthracite finishes! No soldering required. Select your roof type below and find the right zinc guttering set for you!

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  • All-in-one box
  • No soldering required
  • Easy self-installation
Zinc guttering

Zinc guttering

A zinc gutter offers perfect protection against water damage to your shed, log cabin, chalet, stables or garage. Our zinc guttering is delivered as a complete kit and includes the zinc gutter, downpipe, offset bends and so on. Redirect rainwater to a water butt using our zinc guttering kits.

Install it yourself! No soldering required!

There’s no need for soldering skills when it comes to our zinc guttering systems. All come complete with handy union brackets fitted with rubber seals for easy, clip-on installation! Even our stopends and running outlets are simple to install!

Galvanized zinc, titanium zinc & anthracite (RAL7024)

Our zinc gutters are available in three finishes: galvanized zinc, titanium zinc and anthracite (RAL7024).

  • Galvanised
    • Material thickness 0.6 mm
    • Competitive price
    • High-strength galvanised steel
    • Galvanised on both edges
    • Zinc layer 275 g/m
  • Titanium zinc
    • Material thickness 0.7 mm
    • High quality
    • Resistant to scratching
    • Excellent durability 80-120 years
    • 10-year guarantee
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Product standard EN 612
  • Anthracite (RAL7024)
    • aterial thickness 0.7 mm
    • High quality
    • Excellent durability 80-120 years
    • 10-year guarantee
    • Product standard EN 612
    • Polyurethane 50µm coating (2 sides)
    • High colour stability

Protection against corrosion: the patina layer

Zinc guttering has a natural sheen. When it comes in contact with the air, the surface of any zinc gutter develops an alkaline layer of carbonate. This layer is also known as the ‘patina’ and it protects the zinc guttering against corrosion. Zinc develops its patina in 6 months to 2 years, depending on the environment and the building’s orientation.

Top quality zinc gutters

Whatever your chosen finish, all of our gutter accessories are manufactured to high standards. Our complete guttering kits consist of easy to assemble, matching parts. The included installation manual makes the job even easier! And not only are you guaranteed top quality, we also offer up to 10 years warranty!