Water butts

All of our water butts are supplied with lid, tap and stand! Our water butts are highly economical and maintenance-free, because they are made of plastic! A plastic water butt will do its job for many years to come! Save free rainwater to water your garden. Choose from the selection of water butts below.

  • Free shipment
  • Free returns
  • Up to 10-year guarantee
  • Free rainwater for all of your plants
  • Cover, tap and stand included

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A water butt: environmentally-friendly and durable

A water butt or water barrel is perfect if you want to collect rainwater. The typical household uses 2,200 litres of drinking water every year just to keep its lawns and plants looking good. In the future, rain showers will become less frequent but more severe as a result of climate change. Be prepared during periods of drought. Store your own supply of rainwater in a plastic water butt.

Why do you need a water butt?

Without an own supply of rainwater, drinking water is commonly used for watering the lawn and plants. Drinking water is also used for washing cars or motorcycles, amongst other things. Using drinking water for the garden and car when rainwater is free is a waste of a natural resource. Furthermore, rainwater is much better for both plants and vehicles. Rainwater contains much less lime and is therefore less acidic. Harmful bacteria cannot survive in it. Plants get healthy doses of water, resulting in much better growth. We advise you to let your water butt run empty in the winter as a full barrel can freeze and crack at low temperatures.

The cheapest water butts in the UK!

If you are looking for the cheapest plastic water butts or water barrels, you have come to the right place. All of our plastic water butts are supplied complete with lid, stand and tap. In addition, our water butts are immediately available from our warehouse stock. You also pay nothing towards shipping and return costs. Our plastic water butts, Slimline and Roto, are top quality, maintenance free, highly durable and, as an added extra, come with a up to 10 year warranty!

The Slimline (also called the Rainsaver or balcony barrel) has an unbeatable price/quality ratio, a capacity of 100 litres, and a choice of two colours - anthracite or green. It is possible to connect a garden hose to the tap using a Gardena coupling.

We also sell the beautiful wood-effect Roto model with a 120 litre capacity. This water butt looks like a wooden barrel, but with all the advantages of plastic. Available in brown and anthracite.

Can I connect a water butt to a round downpipe?

You can connect them with a rain diverter or downspout diverter. Rainwater flows through the rain diverter towards the barrel. As soon as the plastic rain barrel fills to the maximum water level, any excess rainwater simply flows back into the round downpipe. This way, you will always have a full barrel and avoid green algae deposits on your patio or driveway. Another possibility is the water butt overflow kit. This allows you to drain excess rainwater into a ditch or pond, for example. Would you like to connect several barrels to each other? Then the water butt linking kit is the solution!

The plastic water butt – irreplaceable!

When you add a water butt to your garden, you not only save drinking water, you also contribute to the environment and get to reap the rewards in your wallet, too. Plenty of great reasons for buying one or more of our plastic water butts!