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Water butt Slimline anthracite 100 litres

£  45.27

This square Slimline 100-litres water butt is made of plastic and therefore maintenance free, and has excellent durability (5-year guarantee!). Available in the colour anthracite and at a great price! 

We deliver this water butt with cover, tap and stand, just like all our water butts. Now you can easily fill your watering-can or bucket with free rainwater! You can also connect a hose to the tap (using the Gardena connector).

We recommend using a rainwater diverter to automatically fill this water butt with rain water. This way you'll always have enough rain water available and you prevent the water butt from overflowing!

Contents 100 litres
Weight water butt (without stand) ca. 3 kg
Wall thickness ca. 3,0 mm
Water butt sizes ca. h 94 x w 38 x d 38 cm
Total height water butt on stand ca. 124 cm
Distance ground to tap ca. 30 cm
Tap suitable for hose yes, ca. Ø 15 mm (Gardena connector)

Our guttering kits:

  • Free shipment
  • Free returns
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Lid, tap & stand included
  • Many payment methods possible

Water butt Slimline anthracite 100 litres

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