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Buy guttering direct from the manufacturer!

Since 1974, we have been manufacturing gutters, downpipes and complete roof guttering kits. Our ‘S’–lon (Eslon) products are supplied to roofers, DIY stores and private clients all over the world. You will find all you need for roof, shed, log cabin, carport or garage drainage solutions in our online store.

PVC guttering

Our plastic guttering is manufactured in Roermond (the Netherlands). We sell 3 different gutter types; two half round gutters and one square gutter. Our half round gutters are jointed gutter systems, and provided with the appropriate rubber seals. This makes fitting a leak-free installation child’s play. Our half round gutters are available in two different sizes and in five colors: anthracite, white, black, brown and gray.

Zinc guttering

We supply zinc guttering in two different sizes and in no less than 3 types of material. Galvanized guttering has the best price to quality ratio. We also sell titanium zinc gutters or coated anthracite. These gutters boast a lifespan of 80 to 120 years! We offer no less than a 10 year warranty on these products.

Complete guttering kits

We supply complete roof guttering solutions. Our guttering kits contain all the parts you need for a total installation. These include the gutters themselves, gutter union brackets, fascia brackets, stopends, running outlet, round downpipe, offset bends, pipe clips, and screws. However, we go a step further. We also – exclusively - make sure our complete roof guttering kits include other problem-solvers, such as
angled fascia bracket adaptors
Angled fascia bracket adaptors
Attach the angled fascia bracket adaptors below the fascia brackets to adjust the slope of a slanted fascia board, and thus prevent your gutter from slanting!
(for PVC guttering) and
PVC dripping strips
PVC dripping strips
The PVC dripping strips prevent rainwater from flowing in between the roof and guttering. Easy to install, to fit below the roof covering.
. You will find every one of these components in our complete guttering kits. And of course, we include an English installation manual!

For patio or driveway drainage, you have also come to the right address. With our drainage channels and slot drain kits you can subtly drain water to the sewer system or a soakaway drain, for example. These systems prevent the formation of puddles, and can even prevent subsidence. A drainage channel usually has a plastic or galvanized grate. A slot drain consists of a narrow plastic slot through which rainwater is rapidly, and practically invisibly, drained away.

Store your rainwater!

Rainwater contains significantly less lime than tap water. This makes it perfect for your plants, but you can also wash the car with it! By collecting rainwater in a water butt, you can rest in the knowledge that there is always free water on tap! Not only is this great for the environment, it is also healthy for your wallet. Our water butts are available in 100 or 120 liter capacities and in three colors: brown, anthracite or green.

As you can see, we really do offer a total solution for your rainwater drainage requirements. And we are happy to offer advice, too! Feel free to send us an e-mail, or give us a call! We are always at your service.