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Soakaway drain with supply/ drainage Ø 110 mm

£  46.98

For easy drainage of rainwater, even when no sewer is present.

Extreme weather with short-time heavy rainfall is becoming more common. It is therefore important that your guttering, downspout and round downpipe have sufficient capacity. This isolated soakaway drain with supply and drainage collects rainwater in case no sewer, drainage system or soakaway crate is present. The rainwater flows away slowly via the holes in the soakaway pipe, thus preventing the rainwater to flow into buildings and causing damage or inconvenience.

There is the option of connecting a round downpipe of Ø 110 mm on the side. The connection to the soakaway pipe is equipped with a sleeve.  Your rainwater round downpipe can be connected to this, for example by using a  reducer/ socket. This directs the rainwater from your roof via the guttering, round downpipe and the sewer pipe into the soakaway drain.

The soakaway drain is very easy to install:

  1. Dig and/or drill the necessary hole.
  2. Place the soakaway drain below ground level.
  3. Fill the remaining space with gravel.

Placing sufficient gravel around the soakaway drain enables this drain to directly deliver water to the gravel bed. As a result a large infiltrating surface is created around the soakaway drain.

Includes black pp grid. This grid can be easily pulled off the soakaway pipe (Ø 110 mm), which allows you to connect for example a drainage channel with bottom-outlet. 

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Soakaway drain with supply/ drainage Ø 110 mm

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