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Rainwater diverter Speedy

£  57.23

Use a Speedy rainwater diverter to quickly fill your water butt with free rainwater! If maximum water level has been reached, the excess rainwater will be drained via the downspout, preventing the water butt from overflowing. Suitable for round downpipe with Ø 70-110 mm (therefore not suitable for our all-in-one plastic gutter kits). With summer – and winter settings. Delivered as all-in-one kit:

  • Rainwater diverter (for Ø 70-110 mm)
  • Dirt filter
  • Hose ca. 44 cm
  • Connection water butt
  • Connecting joint
  • Core drill (for drilling hole in water butt and downpipe)
  • Colour: black

This rainwater diverter takes only 5 minutes to install, use the installation instructions on the packaging.

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Rainwater diverter Speedy